Drinkerbell 3-in-1 Hair Scrunchie


A reusable silicone straw and drink cover within a hair scrunchie.



A Drinkerbell hair accessory is a hair scrunchie with a hidden pocket which contains a silicone reusable straw and a waterproof drink cover for your glass. Slide the straw and drink cover out of the scrunchie, place the cover ovver the rim of your drink and push the straw through the hole in the cover. Your drink is now protected from anyone who may want to add chemicals or pills which is called “spiking your drink”. This activity is on the rise. You could also use it to keep the little critters off your favourite drink at a picnic. To make sure you never forget your eco friendly straw and drink cover wear the scrunchie in your hair or around your wrist when you leave the house.

Illustration of instructions. Remove the scrunchie from your hair, remove the straw and cover from inside the scrunchie, place straw through the hole in the cover and place the cover over your glass.

Drinkerbells are made by a community upliftment project in South Africa.

* Drink spiking – a term used to describe the action of adding pills, powders or alcohol to an unsuspecting victim’s drink often followed by assualt. 

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Plain, Patterned

Colour option

Blue floral, Green Floral, Pink Floral, Yellow Floral, Black Floral, White Floral, Strawberries, Black and white, Black, Pink, Blue