Peco logo with wreath above a paragraph about how Peco started

Peco was started in 2018 by twin sisters Pam and Patricia.

It all began with the search for a reusable straw. They realized there must be other people like them who want to reduce their negative impact on the environment but have little options available to them. So they decided to find options and bring them to Eswatini. Pam and Patricia's eco company, Peco, was born.

Their products are sourced from as close to home as possible always searching for innovative and inspiring ideas to bring to Eswatini allowing for more people to make better buying decisions by offering them planet friendly options. Options that are sustainable, cruelty free, biodegradable or reusable and reduce plastic waste.

Over the last 2 years there has been a significant increase in awareness and amazing innovations worldwide focusing on reducing the reliance on plastic products which is currently choking the environment.

Above all else they would like to create awareness and educate by bringing attention to everyday items and habits that can easily be changed to encourge more people to consider the environmental impact of every purchase decision.