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ShShhh...Can you hear that?

It's the planet saying thank you for caring.

Hi there, we are Peco

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Two sisters, Pam and Pat, frustrated with the lack of locally available eco-friendly alternatives to plastic, decided this needed to change.
Thus, Peco - Pam and Pat's eco company - was started.
Since 2018 they have made or imported greener every day products into the Kingdom offering local citizens, residents and visitors the choice to tread lighter on our precious earth and to reduce the negative environmental impact in the country.

Contact us

We are only an email away.
Please get in touch if you have any questions queries, complaints or compliments.
We would love to hear from you.

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Where to find us...

Ekuphileni Farmer's Market

Ezulwini Farmer's Market

Products we offer

We source or make products that can replace a plastic everyday item with one that is kinder to the planet.

We also make hand-crafted items such as: